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OrangeTree Deals started with a trip. 

A trip moving from Chicago to the Cedar Valley in Iowa and then to Orlando Florida.  Each move is a cleansing process where each item you packed you evaluated whether it was worth keeping either due to its tangible value or its sentimental value.  The items that did not make the cut usually were given away or worse thrown away.  There was no time to do a garage sale or post the items on some classified website.  In the end boxes of valuable good items were just discarded.

 Upon arriving to Florida I was looking to start my own business.  I had experience in technology and more importantly I had 25 years of experience in the financial markets.  I understood the basics of a market place were transparency and creating a centralized location for people to meet.  Finally the most important component was trust.  In market terminology it is called counterparty risk which just means the risk the person on the other side of a deal either as the buyer or seller would not deliver goods in the quality promised in the manner promised or that the buyer would not pay with good funds the amount promised.  This risk was diminished by creating a membership where only buyers and sellers that were known to each other could exchange goods for money.  They met face to face and knew each other.  It was very much like a community.  A neighborhood. 

[OrangeTree is an online marketplace in a local community.]

 OrangeTree Deals is a community where neighbors can show each other what they have to sell and just as importantly what they are looking to buy.  By posting items to buy and sell neighbors are saving money buying at a discount from the retail cost and sellers are turning their unused items to cash.  Also by selling to neighbors there is no need to pay shipping costs which can be a tremendous savings especially for large items and make it unfeasible for small inexpensive items.  

[OrangeTree saves money for the buyer and seller]

 Back to the story…Upon arriving in Orlando I found that I did not have a basement and no place to put everything from the moving truck.  I loaded up my garage.  The car would have to stay outside for a while.  Still too much STUFF.

 I looked at posting the information on a large free classified site and found it full of listings that were gaming the classified site by reloading the information.  Also it was difficult to determine who was real and who was just trying to pull a fast one.  Did they just want to case out your house?  Did they offer one price and then change it once they arrived?  The person that was buying was anonymous.  The counterparty risk was high, too high to waste time posting the items and expose my family to the risk. 

 The second solution was to go to a large auction site.  However that made small items unfeasible as the cost to list and sell them were more than the items.  Plus if you had to ship the item than it was cheaper to buy the items at a retail store new.  Finally some of the larger items became unrealistic due to the shipping cost, preparing the item to ship and then insuring it to make sure nothing went wrong in the shipping process.

 There were other local sites that allowed you to post items for free which was great for recycling but did not give you a chance to turn your items into cash, support your small at home business or even to barter the item for something that you  wanted. 

[No shipping cost and no posting cost means that you can even list things for free so that they can be recycled]

 After looking around I could not find anything that fit my needs.  I decided the best solution was to use my IT background and financial market background and build a marketplace.  An online garage sale, farmers market, lemonade stand.  I would build it for people like myself who wanted a safe and inexpensive place to sell and buy items. 

 After telling some neighbors about this idea I received feedback that many of them had the same experience.  Some neighbors had gone through some hard times as well and had to downsize.  They didn’t have time to list their items and asked if I could help. I realized that I could help them as well list their items and charge a percentage similar to an auction house.  As long as the percentage was fair then it was a win/win for all sides.  No more discarded items at the corner.  Maybe even make enough to pay for their moving costs. 

[Estate, Moving, Foreclosure Selling services allow items to be sold on consignment]

 Another neighbor mentioned how their home grown business was selling using the online classified sites and auction sites but wanted to have their own storefront but they did not have the background to build one and did not want to spend a lot of money and more importantly time building a store front.  So I thought this would give them the opportunity as well to have a simple easy storefront to not only sell locally but use to sell on the worldwide auction sites as well.

 So this is the site that I created to meet the needs of neighbors.  To build a community.  To build a marketplace called OrangeTree Deals.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, gripes, etc.

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